The profit of the hottest printing field decreased

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Recently, Epson extended the warranty period of two products of its stylus Pro Series from one year to two years, which is another important measure taken by Epson on the service side after the launch of intimate service in June, 2005; Previously, HP also launched a HP PSC 1608 color photo all-in-one machine worth 1499 for users who purchase HP Designjet 500 A1; Canon also launched two new large-scale color inkjet printers imageprogramafw8400 and imageprogramafw6400 at the end of 2005


from the point of view of the advertising production market, on the one hand, engineering drawing inkjet applications such as CAD have gradually replaced manual drawing, providing a foundation for the large format inkjet printing market; In addition, the high price of large format output professional machines relative to large format printers has also prompted more users to choose large format printers for advertising

from the printer market, due to the expansion of general consumables, the profits of original consumables are thinning. The recent "337 Survey (Interpretation 1)" can show this; Secondly, with the continuous decline of printer prices, except for color laser printers, the profits of other printers are close to the bottom line, and the profits in the field of small format printing have been difficult to meet the development of printer manufacturers

Analysys point of view

in 2007, China will stop external printing and lead materials, which brings huge business opportunities to the large format inkjet printing market. Analysys International believes that the inkjet quality and work efficiency of large format printers are the most concerned issues of users. Therefore, it has high requirements for technology and brand, which means that manufacturers need to establish brand image as soon as possible and provide stable product quality backed by technology. In addition, it should be noted that large format printers are mostly used for commercial purposes, so they have high requirements for relevant services, The manufacturer shall try to improve its service level

interpretation 1: what is the 337 investigation?

337 investigation refers to the investigation and ruling made by the US International Trade Commission on certain complaints related to imported products in accordance with Article 337 of the tariff act of 1930. This clause has been amended for many times. According to the clause of Pu thermal insulation materials with flame retardancy reaching B1 and B2, the US International Trade Commission can decide to investigate some acts of importing and operating 17 factories in the mainland according to the complaints of domestic enterprises, and make several rulings, such as prohibition of import, cessation of infringement, seizure, confiscation, etc. Although article 337 can not make the obligee obtain compensation, its procedure can usually be completed within 12 months if the problem cannot be solved, and its attraction to the obligee mainly comes from strong trade measures, especially the prohibition of import. At present, most of the 337 investigations involve patent or registered trademark infringement

information source: Analysys International

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