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The profitability of the global PS industry is weakening

according to alexlidback, global director of benzene and styrene business of CMAI in Houston, the rapid increase of new capacity and the slowdown of demand growth will weaken the profitability of the global PS industry in the next few years

cmai says that in the next five years, the world will add at least 1.5 million tons of PS capacity, of which China accounts for more than 80%. In 2005, the operating rate of the global PS production plant remained 75% ~ 80% and was resistant to high and low temperatures. The ordinary cylinder automatically pressed down the test sample. After 5 seconds, the pressurizing machine and the electric machine automatically operated to pressurize the design level. By 2009, the operating rate is expected to reach 82%. In the past few years, due to the impact of low profits, increased raw material costs and excess supply in the market, the global PS industry has carried out business mergers and acquisitions and capacity rationalization adjustment. For example, Novartis chemical company and Yinuo chemical company are currently in the process of merging the European PS business. BASF sold its PS business in the United States and Canada to Ineos company at the beginning of this year. PS manufacturers are facing greater cost pressure, so it is expected that M & A activities in the global PS industry will continue to be active

sri consulting company's latest research report shows that the global PS market demand will increase at an average annual rate of 3.2% in the next few years. By 2009, the market demand will reach 1. Plastic recycling has become the key development direction of plastic industry technology, with 1.5 million tons. Among them, the PS market demand in China will grow rapidly at an average annual rate of 7.9%, reaching 3.4 million tons by 2009

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