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On November 14, in the production workshop of the No. 1 dipping factory of Pingmei Shenma Group curtain fabric development company, white grey fabrics were magically turned into dark red and full of metal texture after being carefully dipped and dyed by the dipping machine. The operators on one side packed them for shipment to a country in South Asia. "These products are customized by foreign high-end customers." The person in charge said

facing the increasingly competitive market, cord fabric development company focuses on "new" to win, changes passive research and development into active research and development to meet customer needs, develops a dipping solution formula different from that which has been adhered to for more than 30 years, and creates a "Hantai mode" for new product research and development. The measured experimental data of high initial adhesion dipping show that cord fabric has filled the domestic gap and successfully entered the international high-end market

nylon industry is the key sector for the group to promote industrial structure adjustment, and it is also the industry with the largest investment and key promotion in recent years. Since this year, the group has given full play to its leading advantages in the nylon industry, strengthened product innovation and quality management, basically achieved full production and sales of its leading products, and its profitability has been continuously enhanced. The data of the first three quarters showed that the nylon sector achieved an operating revenue of 7.433 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.78%

the group implemented differentiated marketing for each unit in the nylon sector, based on the international and domestic markets, increased sales in high price areas such as foreign investment, foreign investment and export, and raised the sales proportion of high-quality and good price products according to data such as time; Operate at full capacity, balance production and connect production and marketing, fully release the product capacity with marginal benefits, ensure the industrial chain operates at full capacity and improve production efficiency; We will vigorously tap the potential and increase efficiency, benchmarking the industry's advancement, implement cost back calculation, and reduce cord fabric processing costs and leading product processing fees; Make every effort to improve the quality brand and carry out zero defect quality management

at present, the market share of Shenma nylon 66 series leading products ranks first in the world. More than 60% of industrial silk and cord fabric products have been exported, and they have long supplied to Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear and other world-famous tire manufacturers. In the first half of this year, under the severe market situation, the production and sales of industrial silk, cord fabric, adipic acid, etc. reached a record high. The export of nylon products increased by 34% year-on-year, and the export of adipic acid increased by 155%

in the face of the new normal of the coal market, the group has successively launched new projects by taking advantage of its advantages in the field of nylon 66 by pressing the test sample with the magnet strip. The Group invested heavily and built the double 300000 ton adipic acid and caprolactam project of nylon technology company with high standards. On July 26 this year, the trial run was successful. In just over one month, the group realized a profit of more than 17million yuan. Its products are sold on five continents, from sunscreen clothes to parachutes, military equipment to car airbags. The product tentacles have extended to all aspects of production and life, extending the focus of automotive plastic parts. Pingmei Shenma nylon products have become a bright business card for "made in Henan" to go global

"Pingmei Shenma nylon industry currently has a production capacity of nearly one million tons. In addition to various planned and 1million tons of nylon related product projects under construction, the nylon industry will quickly form a production capacity of 2million tons and strive to achieve an annual operating income of 60billion yuan for the nylon industry headquarters." The relevant person in charge of the group said

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