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In Guangzhou in March, spring is warm. On the 22nd, the pop star Ping'an made his debut as the spokesperson of Yum! Brands wardrobe

in March, Guangzhou was warm in spring. On the 22nd, the pop star Ping'an made his debut as the spokesperson of Yum! Brands wardrobe

"safe home, customized by Yum Brands"

"safe home, customized by Yum Brands", the press conference of the signing ceremony of the spokesperson of Yum Brands was grandly held at Sheraton Guangzhou Tianhe City Yuehai hotel. Mr. Liu Shuxiong, chairman of Yum! Brands, Mr. Zhang Jian, CEO, Ms. Wang Meimei, board supervisor and other company leaders and management personnel, Mr. Zeng Yong, chairman of Guangdong clothing association, and nearly 20 media including Nanfang Daily, Nanfang Metropolis Daily, Guangzhou Daily, xinkuai Bao, information times, Netease home, Sina home, Sohu Home, fangtianxia, Tencent home China wardrobe magazine attended the event

valiant and high spirited guests welcome the team

small (fans) bottle caps to present flowers, Ping An

wardrobe environmental protection stars and singing stars are a perfect match

Yum! As the first customized wardrobe brand in China. This time, we sincerely invite baldheaded male star "ping an" to be the brand image spokesperson, which can be described as a unique way. This is different from the fact that many furniture brands choose beautiful female stars as image spokesmen. It is not only for the consideration of creating a differentiated brand strategy, but also very consistent with the environmental protection customization concept of Parkson formaldehyde free addition. Safe home, Parkson customization

as Ping An said, "this cooperation with Yum! Is my first endorsement of the customized wardrobe brand. What impresses me deeply is that Yum! Brand has the cultural connotation of Chinese traditional brand: a hundred virtues, filial piety first, justice helps more, injustice helps less, victory is not arrogant, defeat is not discouraged. Just like everyone says that I am a warm man... I personally agree with Yum! S" self-improvement "entrepreneurial spirit, It is very similar to what my personal singing career has brought to you. Like everyone else, I have made persistent efforts in their respective fields. Baidesheng has conscientiously done a good job in the wardrobe, and I sing a good song thoroughly. "

ping an officially signed a contract with Parkson wardrobe

work together to advocate environmental protection and jointly build the long guns and short guns of Ping An reporters, and record this historic moment with the camera

Zhang Jian, CEO of Ping An and Yum! Brands, accepted an exclusive interview with the media.

in China, there is a strange phenomenon: Chinese people have to wait for at least 2-3 months after decoration, "decoration pollution" has almost become a well-known but unavoidable problem. Chinese people spent most of their lives saving to buy a house, but after the decoration, they had to wait for 2-3 months, or even a year and a half

Ping An said at the signing meeting, "I personally think the environmental protection of home is to" make the family healthy and safe ". Although in recent years, various environmental protection materials have appeared on the market, consumers are skeptical. The key lies in the selection of home decoration materials:

first, the province selects manufactured products, which can make efficient use of space without waste, and is also a kind of environmental protection

second, choose the environmental protection of furniture, flooring and other home decoration materials. Reducing or ending decoration pollution is beneficial to family health, family health and a safe life, which is happiness

Ping An sent you red envelopes

in 2015, the foundation year of Yum Brands

Yum Brands is developing at a high speed. This time, it is an important part of Yum Brands' "brand upgrading and transformation 2015" to work together with Ping An to promote brand upgrading, which marks the official launch of the new brand upgrading strategy of Yum wardrobe. As Zhang Jian, the CEO of Yum! Brands, said, in the next step, yum! Brands will improve its brand strength through its unique marketing methods, such as entertainment marketing and promotion circle. Baidesheng will create a long-term profitable brand weapon for the new and old dealers in the big family of Baidesheng, and let the dealer friends who plan to devote themselves to the wardrobe business choose Baidesheng to make peace money. Present more fashionable, beautiful and environmental friendly bespoke furniture products for those who love us and our consumers

live treasure hunt and coke interactive game, hit the whole court, and the lucky one won the autograph of Ping An nike basketball

Ping An is everyone's common expectation and everyone's greatest wish. Buying a safe, safe, environmentally friendly and formaldehyde free home is a healthy and safe home. We will promote this safe and healthy family culture together

fan bottle caps call Ping An at the same moment

[Ping An's home, made by Yum! Brands] Ping An takes a group photo with everyone





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