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The 2017 innovation development seminar of "improve, change and complete" door and window profession was smoothly held in jinyaxuan Hotel on the afternoon of August 25. This meeting was hosted by Guangdong door and window Association and co organized by Hunan jiashide Business Management Co., Ltd. around the two key words of "approach and team", we discussed the innovation and development of door and window profession with representatives and guests of the door and window industry

the guests at the meeting included Zheng Weicheng, Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong door and window Association, Yang Ling, chairman of jiashide commercial group, Meng Zhixiong, HR operation expert of jiashide commercial group Jiudao consulting, Ma Ming, expert of jiashide commercial group Jiudao consulting standardization management, etc

ZHENG Weicheng, Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong door and window Association, made a speech at the beginning of the meeting. He first greeted the door and window people who still love learning and are aggressive in the complex economic situation, and expressed the hottest welcome and incomparable respect. Together, he also pointed out that the various difficulties encountered by enterprises in the operation mainly focus on the poor sales channels, lack of funds, lack of talents, and lack of products that are really suitable for consumers. But to look at the essence of the phenomenon, what enterprises lack most is that they have no good organization, no incentive mechanism with strong executive power, and no product development with market competitiveness

path development, product homogenization, weak marketing, and poor team combat effectiveness have always been the crux of perplexing door and window manufacturers. How can we improve brand market share and build a high-performance marketing team in the context of a depressed career; How to expand the land in the competitive market and break the dilemma of ways has become the strategic issue that every brand attaches the most importance to. To this end, in response to this series of problems, Mr. Yang Ling, chairman of Hunan jiashide business group, founder of China's marketing organization, President of jiashide West Point business school, and well-known practical marketing tutor of China's Pan home profession, shared the "way of encirclement" on the spot

Yangling pointed out that the market is the origin of all marketing problems, and the way is the foundation of the rise of a brand. With the development, differentiation is a difficult and imperative way, branding is a simple and difficult way, and standardization is a team with high execution and a sense of mission

at present, the format of door and window professional competition is mainly divided into three parts, ranking first. The consumption potential is huge, but it has not been fully explored; Second, there are many professional factories, but there is no top brand. According to the analysis, it is a great pity that now as long as professional well-known brands do not show consumer brands, but undoubtedly this is also a strong wind to break the profession; Third, the professional production capacity is sufficient, but the products are lack of innovation, and plagiarism is prevalent. Enterprises should make viable products in order to have core competitiveness

in addition, Yang Ling pointed out ten pain points in the professional management of doors and windows: 1 Lack of talents in appearance, lack of mechanism in practice, and the emphasis of talents lies in salary, power, ability improvement, development and future; 2. The team lacks talent, the appearance lacks talent, and the practice lacks soul. Civilization is a strong force that a team cannot ignore. Teams that cannot all in are playing hooligans; 3. Lack of customers and customer resources, lack of customers in appearance, lack of handling in practice, how to handle good customers, intended customers, old customers? At the top of the list, we should improve the new customer development system, practice makes perfect; Second, improve the intended customer follow-up system, appeal to reason, move to emotion, induce to benefit, threaten to disaster,; Third, regular customer protection system at night. 4. Lack of ways in appearance and marketing in practice; 5. Lack of marketing plan in appearance and system in practice; 6. Lack of sales volume in appearance and lack of ideas in practice; 7. Lack of profit space in appearance and positioning in practice; 8. Lack of category in appearance and brand in practice; 9. Lack of standards in appearance and practice; 10. Lack of methods in appearance and brand in practice

finally, Meng Zhixiong, an expert in human resources operation of jiashide business group Jiudao consulting, and Ma Ming, an expert in standardization management of jiashide business group Jiudao consulting, came to the stage and shared them. Meng Zhixiong shared the "secret of encircling the recruitment of door and window enterprises" on site, and proposed "co creation, consistency, sharing and sharing". Teacher Meng shared a lot of dry goods about the recruitment and retention of enterprises in the new environment





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