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The so-called environmental protection decoration actually refers to the use of environmental friendly materials for house decoration when decorating the house, and the use of materials that are conducive to environmental protection to minimize the harm to the environment. It is impossible to truly achieve complete environmental protection. So the following editor will introduce to you the precautions for the environmental protection decoration of new houses

first, there is no absolutely environmentally friendly decoration materials, so there is no absolutely green home environment. It is best to minimize the use of materials in room decoration to reduce the release of harmful gases in the air. The functionalist design advocated at present aims to enable consumers to fully share the warmth and comfort of their families in simplicity and practicality

II. In the decoration design [3], we should consider the comprehensive utilization of resources and energy conservation, choose energy-saving lamps as far as possible, and try to use natural light for indoor lighting, which will reduce the light pollution after decoration. We should also pay attention to the reasonable collocation of decorative materials, give full consideration to the carrying capacity and ventilation of indoor space, and improve indoor air quality. If possible, experts can be invited to conduct a green pre evaluation on the home decoration design scheme. That is, according to the total area of the house and the release ratio of various decoration materials affecting air quality substances in the design scheme, the air environment quality of the design scheme after construction is analyzed through scientific calculation, and the design points that may cause excessive indoor air pollution in the design are corrected

III. during construction, strictly implement the green environmental protection standards, select the green construction process of non-toxic, less toxic, non polluting and less polluting, and strengthen the management of the construction site to reduce the pollution and damage of dust, noise, waste gas and waste water to the environment

IV. in the selection of interior decoration materials, try to choose adhesives that do not contain formaldehyde, gypsum boards that do not contain fiber, large core boards and veneers that do not contain formaldehyde

v. doing a good job in indoor environment detection and management is the last step to establish a green home. After purchasing a new house or decorating a new house, consumers should not rush to check in. They should first find a qualified or authoritative indoor environment testing department for testing. If they find that there is pollution exceeding the standard, they can choose air purification devices with different functions according to different pollutants in the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, such as air purifiers, range hoods, ozone disinfectors, etc., and pay attention to indoor ventilation

now more and more people advocate environmental protection decoration, and have higher requirements for indoor air quality. While carrying out environmental protection decoration, we should not only consider beauty, but also pay attention to health. I hope that through the introduction of what should be paid attention to in the environmental protection decoration of the new house, all owners can pay more attention when decorating the new house





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