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Luoyang jufengde glass focuses on high-end market development. Its products are sold at home and abroad. Luoyang jufengde Glass Co., Ltd. focuses on high-end market development and has achieved remarkable results At present, the annual output of the company's five production lines can reach more than 10000 tons

walking into the workshop, we saw that the workers on the assembly line were skillfully taking out six red hot cups from the machine According to Mr. He, general manager of the company, improper use will lead to the fracture of the sample at the fixture and the failure of the experiment. This production line is the production line of "h-position mechanical pressure blower" introduced by the company from Germany this year

general manager he told us that the amount of imported glassware consumed by star rated hotels and guesthouses in China now amounts to billions of dollars every year Seeing this huge market, the company finally decided to introduce the product line after investigating and establishing the project This set of equipment has very significant technical advantages - high machine speed, up to 60 ~ 80 PCS/min, while other domestic equipment is only 30 PCS/min, which reduces the consumption of raw materials and energy and reduces the production cost The most important thing is that through the introduction of this product line, the company will lock the future product grade into high-end, abandon low-end products, and focus on opening up overseas markets, realizing enterprise transformation

sharpening a knife will not make a mistake in cutting firewood At the same time of introducing this production line, in order to keep up with the original hardware equipment of the enterprise and not delay, the company invested millions of yuan at the beginning of the new year for more than three months to transform and improve the supporting equipment and plants such as kilns, gas generators, feeding channels, annealing furnaces, forming machinery, mouth burning machinery, etc

the development of an enterprise is inseparable from talents In September this year, the company hired five experts from Turkey with high salary to serve as technical guidance, responsible for debugging and guiding the production line during trial production, and cultivating more than 30 production technical backbones

general manager he introduced to us that in the past, the products were only sold at home and the market was very narrow This time, when the project was approved, the sales work was specially added, which is a link in the project that the friction force test accuracy should be verified once every 1-2 years In order to better carry out export business, the company cooperates with the group of Zhongshan dragon in Guangdong Province, and the other party acts as agent for 80% of its products. The products are sold to Europe, America, Western Asia and other places

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