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Luoqingqi: the key to the decline in the performance of household appliance enterprises is that they did not take advantage of the changes.

why did household appliance enterprises suffer from a mass performance downturn in the first half of the year. Luoqingqi: the performance of household appliance enterprises is declining, and the key is not to use changes. China's mechanical and electrical products trading: Why did the household appliance enterprises suffer from a group performance downturn in the first half of the year? How should the enterprises deal with the impact of market fluctuations? Mr. luoqingqi, an expert on relevant household appliance industry issues, gave an explanation

the demand overdraft theory avoids the initiative of enterprises

from the published performance express, most enterprises are indeed in the dilemma of declining performance. In this regard, some industry commentators said that this phenomenon was largely caused by the overdraft of market demand by stimulus policies. Is this correct

luoqingqi: I think this is a spiritual victory of abandoning the basics to the end, rather than a profound analysis of industrial problems. Hegel once said that interaction is the real ultimate cause of things, and this interaction is naturally divided into internal causes and external causes according to the different attributes of objects. Needless to say, we can all draw a clear conclusion, who should be the leader in the development of things. If this method is transplanted to the current performance recession faced by the household appliance industry, it is not difficult to draw such a conclusion. The so-called demand overdraft theory in the current industry obviously avoids the main reason and overemphasizes the objective material change, the transfer and maintenance of the experimental machine: the machine is expected to slow down the increasing number of plastic and electronic waste, and the reasons before the machine is transferred to the construction site

from the operation of the whole market, the relative downturn of the real estate market and other factors have certainly had a certain impact on the whole industry. However, this impact has two sides: on the one hand, we cannot completely ignore the adverse impact of these factors on the market, but on the other hand, it is this kind of market change that also provides opportunities for enterprises to carry out subversive changes. It is obviously low comprehensive cost to make use of the comprehensive flow changes during this period to carry out structural adjustment. From the current market opinion, the development of enterprises has become dependent on changes in the external environment. This is tantamount to putting the life and death of the enterprise on the external environment and losing its own initiative. Therefore, what enterprises should do is not to complain about the market environment, but to have the manual data processing function to use the changes of the market environment to create spring in the cold winter of the market

the real impact of Internet enterprises has not yet begun.

in addition to the factors of market changes, some people attribute the current group performance downturn of household appliance enterprises to the impact brought by Internet enterprises. Is that right

luoqingqi: this argument is suspected of exaggerating the development status of Internet enterprises. The substantive impact of Internet enterprises on the whole industry is far from coming

at this stage, the development of Internet enterprises is still a logical subversion to a greater extent. The traditional enterprises are pulled out of the theoretical framework of capacity only economies of scale and scope, and turned into the user-centered platform ecological development logic. We can observe that the traditional manufacturing based competition mode has basically ended in the field that is most impacted by the so-called Internet enterprises, whether it is television or television. Almost all enterprises are talking about how to transform to the Internet. This is the biggest surprise that the development of Internet enterprises has brought to the whole industry at this stage

from the current market pattern, Internet enterprises are basically in their infancy. Despite their subversion of the industrial logic, their greater subversion is actually reflected in the generation and sales mode of end products, or more intuitively in the price. However, it is undeniable that most of the terminal hardware products of Internet enterprises have not had a structural impact on traditional enterprises in terms of scale, because they have not fundamentally subverted the cost structure of traditional enterprises. Once these enterprises achieve subversion at the cost structure level, this is the time to maximize their impact

enterprises should subvert their products and even their thinking.

in recent years, the global household appliance market has changed frequently Both the spreading global financial crisis and the changing domestic market environment have posed new challenges to the development of enterprises. How should household appliance enterprises deal with these changes to achieve stable development

luoqingqi: the Internet has brought openness and transparency to the whole industry. This openness means eliminating the distance, including the distance between enterprises and users, enterprises and suppliers. The result of this change is that barrier free communication can be achieved between enterprises and various industrial roles, and this communication is fundamentally subverting the original organizational form of enterprises. At this stage, the communication among enterprises, users, suppliers and other roles fundamentally pulls the enterprise out of the traditional development thinking, and directly embeds the user centered development logic in the enterprise gene

at present, the whole industry is talking about changing the mode and adjusting the structure, but changing the mode and adjusting the structure requires not only the change of product structure, but also the change of enterprise management logic

in other words, enterprises must integrate industrial resources in an open manner in an interconnected manner, so that users can become creators of industrial resources. Only in this way can the enterprise have the ability to cope with market changes and avoid the turbulence of enterprise performance when the environment is turbulent

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