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Luoyang Dayu brand paint beautifies the Qatar Pavilion of the WorldExpo if you enter the venues of the Shanghai WorldExpo after May 1, you may wish to pay attention to the "made in Luoyang" elements: the China Pavilion, Qatar Pavilion, Saudi Arabia Pavilion and the pavilion of the best practice area all use the Dayu brand paint products of Luoyang Dayu Industrial Co., Ltd. Dayu company, which has adhered to the national coating industry for 25 years, will shine brightly on the stage of the WorldExpo

recently, we came to the exhibition hall area of Shanghai WorldExpo. The painting of the interior and exterior walls of the Qatar Pavilion has just been completed. From a distance, a "Desert Castle" is presented to visitors. Zhaoqingshan, chairman of Dayu company, introduced that in January last year, there were spots, wrinkles, bubbles and adhesions. In January, Dayu company stood out from a number of competitors at home and abroad and won the bid for the exterior wall coating project of pure PP resin processing on cars inside and outside the Qatar Pavilion, except for a few parts. For this reason, the company has specially developed the color steel plate interface agent and relief aggregate, which have solved the three major problems of modeling, waterproof and adhesion, and the actual effect has been officially recognized by Qatar

in March this year, when the appearance effect of the Qatar Pavilion first appeared, the contractor in charge of painting in the Chinese Pavilion came to the door and hoped to cooperate with Dayu company. Therefore, in the "under the same roof" theme area on the 12th floor of the China Pavilion, the products of Dayu company were used on three modeling walls

the contractor of Saudi Arabia Pavilion has also taken the initiative to contact Dayu company recently, hoping to use Luoyang made paint on the modeling wall outside the pavilion

the urban best practice area of the WorldExpo is located in Puxi e area of the WorldExpo. This venue uses nano coatings from Dayu company

the WorldExpo is a world-class event. The exhibition means need to be supported by the most widely used technology of high-tech with single screw extruder. Then, how can the paint products of Dayu company break through the fierce competition and enter the four pavilions of the WorldExpo, including the China Pavilion

in this regard, zhaoqingshan summarized in a short sentence: it is due to the concept and practice of the enterprise to adhere to scientific and technological innovation and build a national paint brand over the past 25 years

At the beginning of 1984, zhaoqingshan established Luoyang waterproof coating factory. In August, 1986, the company successfully developed Dayu brand ft-818 waterproof coating. In 2002, Dayu nano coating was developed by Dayu company. Its scrubbing resistance, free formaldehyde, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds and other indicators meet the national standards

since last year, the products of Dayu company have successively entered nearly 100 residential areas in Luoyang, and began to leverage the paint market in Luoyang and the surrounding areas in the province. The plan of relying on Shanghai and gradually radiating the whole country is also being put into action

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