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There is no doubt that the real estate in 2016 was once again recorded in China's economic history

house prices in Shenzhen, Xiamen, Nanjing and Hefei almost doubled this year! Housing prices in Beijing, Hangzhou, Wuhan and other cities are also soaring

Xiamen is a charming "maritime garden", with the city on the sea and the sea in the city "

islands, reefs, rocks, temples, flowers and trees set off each other, and the customs of overseas Chinese hometown, Fujian and Taiwan Customs, coastal cuisine,

exotic buildings are integrated. The climate with spring like seasons adds to the charm of the sea

with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, it can be said that this is one of the cities with the best environment in China

cities with pleasant environment have the public's attitude towards high-quality life and enthusiasm for improving the comfort of the surrounding environment

after 23 years of entering the villa door industry, Royal knight has focused on creating Royal products in the industry

it is committed to iron art, along with European decorative architectural art, integrating Chinese local humanities and culture, and opening up a new era for the development direction of the industry

the policy of scientific management, innovative development, honesty and trustworthiness can meet the needs of customers to a great extent

Xiamen Wuyuan Bay Red Star Macalline store in Xiamen City, combined with the market trend, from the understanding of consumer needs,

materials, every detail, every square inch, high-quality material selection and fine workmanship are undoubtedly evident

"build a window image and create a brand line" as the carrier, take standardized management and service quality as the life,

take social recognition and customer satisfaction as the purpose, and strive to improve the service awareness and comprehensive quality of employees

with its precise positioning, Xiamen has quickly opened the heart of the building materials market like blood. It is the leader in the villa door industry market in Xiamen and has broken the gold sales record for many times.

merchants have visited the site in person, praised our products and established a good reputation

like the public, after working hard in the first half of the year, we finally ushered in the birthday of our motherland. With this great day of celebration,

we appreciate and give back the trust and support of everyone along the way, so that the Royal knight can lay a rock solid foundation in Xiamen,

famous craftsmen forge classics, "Houhui" for a period of time, and present "Xi" to continue to add value to the room

the right way to open the Royal Knight October event is hidden in the store

for details of the event, please consult the store

address: b8139, 2nd floor, Hongxing Macalline, Wuyuan Bay, Huli District, Xiamen





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