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Burglar proof doors are originally designed to prevent thieves. If inferior burglar proof doors are used, not only will the family property suffer losses, but also the embarrassment that the owner is locked inside or outside the house may occur. In the complaints about anti-theft doors, most of them reflect that the door lock cannot be used normally, either locking people at home or unable to unlock the door at home

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the anti-theft door protects the owner

the anti-theft door was originally designed to prevent thieves. If the low-quality anti-theft door is used, it will not only cause the loss of family property, but also cause the embarrassment that the owner is locked inside or outside the house. In the complaints about anti-theft doors, most of them reflect that the door lock cannot be used normally, either locking people at home or unable to unlock the door at home

according to relevant standards, the security level of anti-theft door can be divided into level a, level B and level C, of which level C has the highest anti-theft performance, level B is second, and level a is general. Most of the security doors we see in the market are class a security doors, which are suitable for ordinary families. The thickness of the steel plate of the qualified anti-theft door frame should be more than 2mm, and the thickness of the door body is generally more than 20mm. There are several stiffeners in the interlayer of the door body, and fillers such as foaming agent, asbestos, honeycomb paperboard are filled, so that the front and rear panels of the door body are organically connected together to enhance the overall strength of the door body. The lock used on the door body is an anti-theft lock. In addition, the surface of the door panel shall be subject to anti-corrosion treatment, which is generally spray painting and plastic spraying. The surface of the paint layer shall be free of bubbles and uniform color. The weight of the door is generally more than 40 kg. The door and the door frame are fixed with more than three jacks. Most doors are also embedded with rubber sealing strips on the door frame, so there will be no harsh metal impact sound when the door is closed

when consumers buy anti-theft doors in the market, they should generally choose the brand anti-theft doors of large-scale enterprises. These products have good reputation and standardized after-sales service. When buying, you should also pay attention to the “ FAM” Signs, enterprise names, Executive Standards and other contents. Only doors that meet the standards can be safe and reliable

it is difficult to guarantee the quality of finished doors

in family decoration, the doors should generally be transformed and updated, and the vast majority of people choose to update them. There are two choices for doors: one is to choose finished doors, and the other is to make doors by decorators with wood core boards

the common finished doors are molded doors, solid wood doors and solid wood modeling doors. The molded door has a beautiful shape and is not easy to deform compared with the solid wood door. The price is only 200-300 yuan, which is a low-grade decoration. Solid wood modeling doors are generally welcomed because of their moderate price and appearance, but their quality and appearance are not as good as solid wood doors. At the same time, there are also their own defects, which are easy to deform and crack. The molded door is pressed by two fiberboards. The fiberboard contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, and its door firmness is poor, which makes the sales of molded doors show a downward trend. As people pay more attention to environmental protection in decoration, solid wood doors and solid wood modeling doors are naturally the first choice for decoration

the complaints about the finished door mostly reflect the deformation and cracking of the door body, the warping of the skin, and the unqualified installation of the door and door pocket. At present, in some building materials markets with irregular management, the quality of finished doors sold is difficult to guarantee, and the moisture content of wood exceeds the standard or the drying process is not standardized, which makes the doors deformed or cracked in a short time after installation. In addition, some dealers fake solid wood doors with solid wood modeling or fake high-grade solid wood doors with low-grade materials

there are many fake plastic steel doors and windows

the market for plastic steel doors and windows is mixed, and once consumers install inferior products, they will leave great hidden dangers. The complaints about doors and windows mostly reflect that the doors and windows are seriously deformed, unable to push and pull, leaking rain and ventilation, poor quality of window screens, poor hardware, etc

like other building materials, plastic steel doors and windows can be divided into high, medium and low grades. UPVC profile shall be selected for plastic steel doors and windows. UPVC profile is the decisive factor for the quality and grade of plastic steel doors and windows. Secondly, the hardware used for doors and windows should be made of metal as far as possible, and its internal strength, appearance and usability will directly affect the performance of doors and windows. In addition, UPVC profiles must be added with steel lining that meets the thickness, otherwise it cannot be called "e; Plastic steel " Doors and windows

many medium and low-grade plastic steel doors and windows use plastic hardware, which has hidden dangers in quality and service life. In addition, the assembly of doors and windows cannot guarantee the overall quality of doors and windows without adding steel lining or adding thin iron sheet to pretend to be steel lining

therefore, before selecting a brand of plastic steel doors and windows, you can first ask the seller for the test report of plastic steel materials to check whether its four main indicators, namely, hardness, low-temperature drop weight impact test, high and low temperature dimensional change rate and angular strength test, meet the requirements. The above four indicators can reflect the product quality of plastic steel doors and windows. We should also be vigilant against counterfeit OEM products. In addition, we should check whether they are processed and assembled according to standards or contracts. Doors and windows with too low quotation should be well investigated

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