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On November 12, a delegation led by the chairman of Yadan wardrobe, Colonel Zhang, the marketing director, huhaijun, and the general manager of Wanhua Group, Yu Wenjie, visited the headquarters of Liangju

on November 12, the chairman of Yadan wardrobe, Colonel Zhang, the marketing director, huhaijun, and the general manager of Wanhua Group, Yu Wenjie, paid a visit to Liangju headquarters. The two sides exchanged and discussed issues such as cooperation and resource sharing in the era of big home

on the morning of the 12th, at Guangzhou Liangju headquarters - poly Clovis square, our chairman Zhang Daxiao and his party were warmly welcomed by Zeng Yuzhou, chairman of Liangju, and WAN Xuebing, executive deputy general manager. Under the leadership of chairman Zeng of Liangju, Mr. Zhang visited the office environment and stores of Liangju, and learned about the corporate culture, development history, brand honor and development status. Then, Zhang made a brief introduction to the good development momentum and business status of Yadan wardrobe in recent years, which was unanimously praised by the top management of Liangju

after the visit, based on the principles of win-win cooperation and resource sharing, the two sides exchanged views on the future development trends and prospects of home shopping malls, home decoration and customized home furnishing industries under the current economic environment, and discussed the common interests of both sides and the possibility of cooperation. Our chairman Zhang Dajiao pointed out that in recent years, customized home furnishings have made great progress. In the next five years, the total demand or intended purchase of China's overall customized home furnishings will continue to grow. The development space of customized home furnishing industry is very huge and the development prospect is very broad; He said that in terms of market share, the market share of finished home furnishings is slowly shrinking, and the customized home furnishing industry will become the mainstream trend; He believed that the combination of strong countries and mutual benefit and win-win results will help promote the common progress and development of both sides

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