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Wardrobe can be said to be the protagonist of the bedroom. For women, the role of wardrobe is particularly important. Now many people will make customized wardrobe. The advantage of customized wardrobe is that it can effectively use indoor space. However, the finished wardrobe also has incomparable advantages, that is, it is mobile and has more design styles. Today, let's take a look at these solid wood wardrobes, which are indispensable for both practicality and appearance

Chinese furniture has a cultural charm, which is why many people like it. And the longer the interval, the more obvious this feeling will be. A new Chinese style wardrobe, the black cabinet body is very solemn, the carvings on the cabinet door show the unique and elegant beauty of Chinese style, and the metal pull ring on the drawer is a typical expression of Chinese elements

American style has always been sought after by people because of the strong sense of elegance in American style, such as the design of this wardrobe: the log colored frame is equipped with a white panel, the vertical stripe decoration on the cabinet door shows the color of American rural style, and the three door design makes it have sufficient storage capacity

the seasonal clothes in the bedroom can be put down with a four door wardrobe. Like such a European wardrobe, the gentle and elegant ivory is full of feminine femininity, and the exquisite carvings on the corners and the relief decoration on the top contain the aesthetic and romantic European feelings

this is a very simple wardrobe, light log color wardrobe, with wood grain veneer on the surface, which has a more natural aesthetic feeling. Simple and clean panels and clear and capable lines form the simplest style that is easy to match




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